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10 Moments that Defined Illinois Football: Reggie Corbin off to the races

Run against Minnesota tops career day for junior running back.

What a fun day that was.

Illinois was again an underdog against a Minnesota team that was young but talented. AJ Bush was returning from injury, but there wasn't much optimism for a win this Dad's Day weekend for the Illini.

The game started innocuously enough, a one-yard run by sophomore running back Reggie Corbin. And then this happened:

And then this:

Followed closely by this:

It was one of those games you dream of if you're Illinois. Gashing runs, huge plays. Reggie Corbin, lost man of the offense last year, posted one of the best statistical seasons for a running back in Illinois history. This game was the centerpiece of his resurgence. It was a joyful moment in a season sparse with them.

No other play encapsulated that joy than this run, one of the best of the year:

Just watching that play makes Illinois fans smile. AJ Bush with his arms raised, Corbin probably yelling "Get outta the way!", hanging 45 (eventually 55) on a conference rival who you've been competing against for recruits. It was a culmination of good timing (Minnesota fired its defensive coordinator after this game) and the talent of Reggie Corbin on full display.

He ended the day with 13 carries for 216(!) yards and two touchdowns. It was the brightest point of an otherwise miserable season. No wonder P.J. Fleck looked dejected all game. It's nice to see that from an opposing coach for a day, at least.

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