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WKYHSI Ep. 17: Illinois vs Wisconsin Preview

Steve and Brandon are back to talk some Badgers vs Illini and wrap it all up with a nice little rant.

Welcome to the “We Know You Have Sand Illinois” Podcast, part of the TCR Podcast Channel.

Brad is still not back (he is currently roaming the land searching for answers as to why Illinois is so bad yet again), so Steve and Brandon preview the Wisconsin Football game and end it with a nice little rant.

***Thanks to UAreLookingLive for the artwork!***

(0:00) Lou Dorsey is transferring, and we discuss the other recent Illini Football departures and if this points to any bad signs for the program.

(11:35) Women’s Soccer and Volleyball Update

(12:40) Illinois S&P+ Rankings Update

(21:35) Illinois at Wisconsin Preview

(46:40) Steve and Brandon have a rant about Illinois Football

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Thanks again to Matt O’Neall for joining the pod this week.

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