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WKYHSI Ep. 16 “Hello Darkness My Old Friend”

Steve and Brandon are sad about Homecoming, and we continue our basketball previews with a discussion about the starting lineups and rotations for Illinois.


Steve and Brandon recap an awful Homecoming performance for football. (Steve was very sad....and tired....but mostly sad.)

We also continue our basketball preview series in part 2 and welcome TCR Writer Matt O’Neall to the pod to help preview the starting lineups and rotations for basketball in year two under Brad Underwood.

***Thanks to UAreLookingLive for the artwork!***

Big Ten Scoreboard review (0:00)

Part 1: Homecoming Loss to Purdue review (3:37)

Part 2: Basketball Preview #2

Starting lineups and rotations discussion and predictions (44:05)

Defense talk (1:06:20)

Offense (1:09:22)

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Thanks again to Matt O’Neall for joining the pod this week.

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