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Big Ten Fantasy Week 7

Trust Your Buckeyes and Boilers.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports


Week Winner - Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State v. Minnesota

I didn’t think that we’d have a copy and paste situation at quarterback here, but Dwayne Haskins pretty much owns Big Ten fantasy football so far from the quarterback position. There is no need to get cute here, recent history would suggest Haskins is going to throw for 300+ yards and four or more touchdowns. Prediction - 330 yards passing, 5 TDs, 1 rushing touchdown.

Bench ‘Em - Shea Patterson, Michigan v. Wisconsin

I didn’t like what I saw from Patterson week 1 against Notre Dame, and it had more to do with the offensive philosophy than his individual talent. I think Wisconsin is good enough on the defensive front and in the secondary to make it a rough day for the recently broke out quarterback. If Michigan makes good on that spread, it’ll be on the ground.

Keep an Eye on - David Blough, Purdue v. Illinois

Art Sitkowski had a decent day of stats against the Illinois defense, which despite having very good corners, doesn’t have a lick of pass rush and allows team to dink and dunk up and down the field. Purdue has an enough explosive playmakers to make dinking and dunking a big day for Blough.

Running Back

Week Winner - JK Dobbins, Ohio State v. Minnesota

Dobbins has nearly 600 yards of total offense, and five touchdowns on the season, and he truly hasn’t had a breakout game yet. Mike Weber has looked good, but he’s also eased into become a larger contributor through the passing game. Although I think Haskins will do his part in running up the score, I think Dobbins breaks a few long ones. Believe it or not, Dobbins long on the ground is 21 yards. Prediction - 135 yards rushing, 2 TDs, 55 yards receiving.

Bench ‘Em - Stevie Scott, Indiana v. Iowa

That Iowa defensive line is as good as it gets (with Bosa out) in the conference, and should plug up the running lanes that Scott became accustomed to against lesser opponents. Scott had 11 touches for 70 yards last week against Ohio State.

Keep an Eye on - Miles Sanders, Penn State v. Michigan State

We’ll see how Michigan State comes out after last weeks upset loss against Northwestern, but I’m pretty sure Penn State is going to come out pissed after simmering through a bye week to following that last minute loss to Ohio State.

Wide Receiver

Week Winner - Rondale Moore, Purdue v. Illinois

Brohm has a solid two weeks to figure out how to move his best piece into position against the Illinois defense - and that’s scary. Moore won’t be a consistently schemable presence on the outside or in the slot, and I’ve seen nothing from Hardy Nickerson to suggest he’ll be able to account for a creatively deployed weapon. Prediction - 145 yards receiving, 35 yards rushing, 2 total touchdowns.

Bench ‘Em - AJ Taylor, Wisconsin v. Michigan

The Michigan defensive front is going to make things very tough for Wisconsin’s Alex Hornibrook - who hasn’t been the sharpest in recent weeks. Hornibrook has come through in big games, but I’m taking my chances and putting AJ Taylor on the bench.

Keep an Eye on - Tyler Johnson, Minnesota v. Ohio State

The Gophers are going to be playing from behind, and Nick Westbrook did some nice things last week for Indiana. If the Ohio State defense lightens up with a lead, Johnson could have a great day in garbage time.

Tight End

Week Winner - Noah Fant, Iowa v. Indiana

Fant is going to have yards, and he’s going to have a touchdown. Case closed, and go to the NFL already. Prediction - 80 yards receiving, 2 TDs.

Bench ‘Em - Louis Dorsey, Illinois v. Purdue

Whatever it is, Dorsey isn’t getting it. After the Bennett Williams boot, I’m worried about Dorsey’s future.

Keep an Eye on - Zach Gentry, Michigan v. Wisconsin

Gentry is just the type of monster that could work the Wisconsin defense and prevent matchup problems that defensive coordinator Jim Leonhard can’t account for.

Defense of the Week - Maryland

Rutgers sucks, and they’ve given up. For Maryland and Rutgers, this is still a rivalry for the region and the newest members to the Big Ten Conference. With something on the line, expect Maryland to take it to the Scarlet Knights.

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