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WKYSHI Ep 15: “Talk nerdy to me” Homecoming vs Purdue Preview

The gang takes an S&P NERD STATS deep dive and preview the GRAYCOMING game against Purdue.

Welcome to the “We Know You Have Sand Illinois” Podcast, part of the TCR Podcast Channel.

Today we wanted to give you, dear listener, a quick explanation on just what exactly is the S&P analytics system we are always referencing in our show and talk about how it works and why we love it.

We also take a look at the upcoming GRAYCOMING game against Purdue and give our preview and predictions.

(0:00) W. Soccer & Volleyball Update

(5:58) Household pest and roadkill talk (trust us it’s good)

(10:03) S&P Analytics and Illinois FB Stats Deep Dive

(34:53) GRAY RANT

(39:13) Purdue Game Preview

(52:28) Bennett Williams is leaving??? Live reactions.

(54:38) Homecoming game predictions

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S&P 2018 Stats:…YuJugvRR/pubhtml#

Five Factors explanation:…five-factors

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