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The Illini are undefeated!

Here’s everything you missed yesterday.

Ball State v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Illini won! Here’s a recap of everything in and around The Champaign Room yesterday during Illinois’ nail-biting season-opening victory over Ball State.

Let’s start with the preview.

There were also the bold predictions. Why were there 23 of them? The world may never know.

It was 11:00 a.m. at this point, and people were watching the Illini get going. They were talking about it, too!

The game got going, and this catch happened. It was a nice catch, even if it was only for four yards.

Eventually, after a depressing 3.5 quarters, Illinois turned it on late in the fourth and won the game. Here’s the recap.

You ever hear of Mike Dudek? He did some good stuff yesterday, and the redshirt junior was our Player of the Game.

Are you a visual person? There are a lot of photos from the win, but sadly nothing of freshman running back Mike Epstein. Next time, though!

Oh, by the way, Illinois volleyball defeated Louisville last night! The Illini are 6-0 this season. That’s pretty good.

So, at least for seven-plus days, the Illini are undefeated. That’s as good as it gets.