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QUIZ: Illinois players with 2,000 career rushing yards or more

How many Illini players can you name that have 2,000 or more career rushing yards in 3 minutes?

Michigan v Illinois Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

During the bye week, we will be creating and posting different quizzes to test your Illinois football knowledge. Each quiz will be posted here, and we’ll be sure to link yesterday’s quiz at the bottom of the page (so you won’t miss any of them!)

Seventeen players in Illinois Fighting Illini football history have run for 2,000 yards or more in their careers. Fascinatingly enough, five of the seventeen players played for the orange and blue before 1976. We compiled a list of all of these players (plus a few bonus answers) and gave you three minutes to see how many you could name.

The link to the quiz is found here:

Let us know how you did in the comment section below, and keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s quiz! Happy Bye Week!

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