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Illinois Basketball Player Preview: Trent Frazier

The point guard’s attitude has won over many Illini fans

Illini Creative (@IlliniCreative)

What he did last year:

Frazier was ranked the 108th high school recruit in the the country. The 6-foot-2 Wellington, Florida, native led his high school to a 27-4 record. He averaged 27.6 points and 6.4 rebounds per game. Frazier was one of Illinois’ first, and most loyal, recruits, and he often played a role in recruiting other players. This has already made him into a favorite among Illini fans, similar to former Illinois great Dee Brown.

How he fits in Underwood’s system:

Frazier has all the athleticism and playmaking ability to be the starting point guard in Underwood’s system — eventually. The coaches are already praising his quickness and leadership in practice. Underwood’s offensive stradegy usually relies on aggressive guards who get a lot of looks. Frazier has the skill to run this offense, and he is an impressive shooter. He could mature into a similar player as former Underwood guard at Oklahoma State, Juwan Evans, who was drafted last year.

What to expect this year:

The Illini are bringing in a lot of young talent this year, and the lack of experienced guards will lead to competition among young players. Along with Mark Smith, Te’Jon Lucas and DaMonte Williams, Frazier will most likely split a lot of minutes early in the season. If he starts making plays and standing out, he will move into a more permanent role. There is a lot to be excited about, and Illini fans will expect early production from him.