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Will David Blough be able to air it out against Illinois this season?

The Big Ten’s leading quarterback in pass completions will face the Illini in early November

NCAA Football: Illinois at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When we decided to list the Top 10 players we were dreading to see this season, quarterback David Blough was one of the first players that came to mind. Sure, Blough did not overly impress in the game against Illinois last season, but the sophomore quarterback showed throughout last season that he would be one of the conference’s most anticipated players in 2017.

Here we are...

Blough is coming off a season where he finished as the leading quarterback in pass attempts, completions, and total plays in the Big Ten. His 25 passing touchdowns were good for second in conference, but Blough did lead the nation in interceptions with 21 total (2 against Illinois). Despite his barrage of turnovers, Blough helped lead Purdue to the 35th best first down percentage in college football in 2016. He also touted the third best passing yard total last season, which bodes well for a Purdue receiving corps that will see both Gregory Phillips and Anthony Mahoungou return for their senior season.

We’re not sure that David Blough is the next Drew Brees coming out of Purdue, but we are sure that he’s the one player that could make Illinois’ trip to West Lafayette a miserable one. Especially if he finds his stride early this season.