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Pulse of Illini Nation: Why root for Illinois in 2017?

We asked for your opinion, and you answered!

Big 12 Basketball Tournament - Quartefinals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

TCR’s Twitter account, @Champaign_Room, (and Facebook page!) sends out a tweet with #IlliniPulse asking for your opinion on something every Monday night, and we post out the best answers in this article every Tuesday!

This week we asked for one sentence you would tell someone for why they should root for the Illini in 2017, and you guys answered! Here are some of the best responses!

Because this is the ground floor.

Because Lovie and Brad and Whitman...

AND VOLLEYBALL’S CHRIS TAMAS (P.S. Thanks for the reply, Coach!)

Because Mike Dudek deserves a good break.

Because it has to get better.

Because Illinois is first (alphabetically) in the Big Ten!

Be on the lookout next Monday night for the next Pulse of Illini Nation question!