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WATCH: Head Coach Lovie Smith speaks at Big Ten Media Day

Fighting Illini head coach Lovie Smith spoke to media in Chicago on Monday

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday afternoon, Fighting Illini head coach Lovie Smith addressed the media in Chicago during the Big Ten Media Day. Coach Smith was asked about a host of different topics during the press conference, including:

  • (00:00) Opening remarks
  • (03:21) Expectations of the team heading into the new season
  • (04:18) The impact the new football facilities will have on the program, and recruiting
  • (05:28) Mike Dudek and how his return to the program will help the team
  • (06:34) Players to keep an eye on this season
  • (08:27) What steps are being taken to improve the program during the offseason
  • (10:06) The Florida pipeline, and other out of state recruiting hot-beds
  • (11:27) Chayce Crouch thoughts, and what he needs to do to be successful this season
  • (13:03) What is new to Coach Smith about coaching in the Big Ten

Coach Smith then sat with the Big Ten Network cast, and discussed some of the things he’s looking forward to in his second season of leading the program. He also touched on a few scheme changes, the benefits of a new football facility, and the return of Mike Dudek to the team.

After Lovie finished his interview with the Big Ten Network, Illini players Christian DiLauro, Jaylen Dunlap, and Malik Turner joined the crew to preview the 2017 season. The interview (complete with a Chicago dining recommendation) is below: