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The Champaign Room’s 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Compete against TCR's writers for Internet fame.

March Madness is just about here! We have no idea if our Fighting Illini will make the 68-team field or not, but we can all still enjoy the NCAA Tournament by competing in a bracket group. Last year, we partnered with Yahoo Sports on our quests for perfection, and that’ll continue this Spring!

We’ve renewed the previous pool, meaning participants can once again compete against myself, the other writers, and members of the community under standard scoring rules. This is simply meant for fun, but if the winner opts for it, the top bracket will receive an invitation to our TCR Slack Chat! Nothing special, I know, but that lucky person will be able to joke about Illinois sports with us whenever they want.

Here’s how you can join:

Note: If you participated last year, you should’ve already received an automatic invitation in your inbox — you can click that to sign up again. Otherwise, keep reading.

How to join the 2016 TCR Bracket Pool

1. Click here

2. Make an entry by selecting 'Create a Bracket'

3. Submit those picks!

That's it! it's as simple as that. Who do you have going to the Final Four? Drop down to the comments to brag about your selections. Or you can go ahead and talk NIT bracketology because that’s what we’re all here for, really.