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University of Illinois posts official job announcement for Men’s Basketball opening

Please forward this link to all of your qualified coaching friends.

Want to submit an application to become the next Illinois men’s basketball coach? Good news — you’ve got about a week to update your resume. The university posted an official announcement to their job board early Monday morning, and it lists some of the desired qualifications that the athletic department has in mind. The listed close date is currently set at March 20, which falls right in line with the required one-week waiting period.

While there isn’t exactly any surprising information this time around, the Fighting Illini are looking for a candidate with a minimum of five years of coaching experience, preferably at the Division-I level.

In regards to salary information, the listing simply states, “commensurate with experience and qualifications.” Again, no surprises here, but we’re already aware that Josh Whitman is willing to spend a large amount of money should the right option present itself.

Lastly, the listing states that interviews may, “take place prior to closing date, but no selection will be made until after closing date.”

Here are more specifics in case your superstar coaching friend is interested in the job:

To receive full consideration, application materials must be received by March 20, 2017. Applications not submitted through [the job board] will not be considered. Candidate must upload a letter of application and resume. Online application will require the names and contact information for three references. For further information regarding application procedures, contact Paul Kowalczyk, Executive Associate Athletic Director (

But, seriously, someone please forward the above information to Gregg Marshall as soon as possible. Thanks.