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Jordyn Slaughter signs with Illinois

Slaughter will add depth to Illinois’ offensive line.


Jordyn Slaughter signed with Illinois on Friday in the third day of the Early Signing Period.

According to 247Sports, the three-star offensive tackle is the No. 1236 overall player in the class. He had other offers on the table from Bowling Green, Eastern Illinois, Southeast Missouri State, Southern Illinois, and Toledo. Vanderbilt is also listed as having expressed interest.

Slaughter announced his commitment to Illinois in June via a tweet with the following message.

“First and foremost I would like to thank the man above for allowing me to play this great game of football. And allowing me to build great relationships with Coaches and players around the Country. The day my grandfather passed I promised that I would play this game for him. I want to especially thank Coach T for molding me into the man I am today. I would also like to thank Coach Campbell for making into this fine player that I am today. Last I would like to thank all of my family and extended family who have supported me on this journey.

After all this I’m very pleased to say that I’m 100% committed to the University of Illinois.”

Slaughter reaffirmed his commitment and his signing of his National Letter of Intent with Illinois earlier in the week.

Slaughter is the complete package, and he dominated his competition this year. He has a Big Ten body and size, and he is a physically imposing lineman.

He also has a great name for an offensive lineman, I mean c’mon, Slaughter? It’s perfect.

Slaughter has the footwork, the size and the aggressiveness, and what will decide his success in college will be his work ethic. If he can come in and work hard in the weight room while also upping his speed and lateral quickness, he could potentially be an NFL lineman. Slaughter will fit in well on the line, and he will probably get some legitimate playing time as a freshman, threatening for a starting role if all goes well.

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