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Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Week 2 THANKFUL EDITION

What should we be thankful for from every team in the Big Ten?

NCAA Basketball: DePaul at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State Spartans

Ranking: 1

Last Week: 1

Move: —

I’m thankful that Tom Izzo is probably near the end of his coaching career and that Draymond Green is no longer playing college basketball.

Maryland Terrapins

Ranking: 2

Last Week: 2

Move: —

I’m thankful Maryland only plays Illinois once this year. Justin Jackson is a man beast.

Purdue Boilermakers

Ranking: 3

Last Week: 3

Move: —

I’m thankful for this picture of Matt Painter with a mustache.

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Ranking: 4

Last Week: 4

Move: —

I’m thankful that Rich Pitino is the most overrated coach in the Big Ten.

Illinois Fighting Illini

Ranking: 5

Last Week: 9

Move: UP 4

I’m thankful for Coach Brad Underwood, the best new hire in 2017.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Ranking: 6

Last Week: 11

Move: UP 5

I am thankful Thad Matta left Ohio State mid offseason and started a dumpster fire.

Wisconsin Badgers

Ranking: 7

Last Week: 5

Move: DOWN 2

I am thankful Ethan Happ is probably going to get drafted after this season.

Michigan Wolverines

Ranking: 8

Last Week: 7

Move: DOWN 1

I will tell you what I am not thankful for: planes going off the runway and practice jerseys.

Northwestern Wildcats

Ranking: 9

Last Week: 8

Move: DOWN 1

I am thankful for a big letdown after everyone was ready to put Northwestern on the national map. Did you see that Texas Tech game???

Penn State Nittany Lions

Ranking: 10

Last Week: 10

Move: —

I am thankful that no matter how good its football team is, Penn State basketball will still be bad.

Iowa Hawkeyes

Ranking: 11

Last Week: 6

Move: DOWN 5

I’m thankful for the Ragin’ Cajuns and San Diego State...

Indiana Hoosiers

Ranking: 12

Last Week: 12

Move: —

I’m thankful that Indiana fans are probably already calling for the firing of Archie Miller due to a 2-2 record.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Ranking: 13

Last Week: 14

Move: UP 1

I’m thankful that Rutgers came into the Big Ten and now we have to have the Big Ten Tournament on the east coast. And by thankful, I mean I’m not.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Ranking: 14

Last Week: 13

Move: DOWN 1

I’m thankful for Tim Miles. I hope he coaches Nebraska forever.