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Pulse of Illini Nation: I’m Thankful For...

We asked, and you answered!

Illinois v Ohio State Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Every week The Champaign Room’s Twitter account, @Champaign_Room, sends out a tweet asking for your thoughts on something, a la a “Pulse of Illini Nation.”

With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, we wanted to know what you’re thankful for, especially in the world of Illini sports! Here are some of the best answers!


A few football things.

Everyone should be thankful for basketball.


Always be thankful for academics!

Mike Small is something to be thankful for.

Director of the Marching Illini Barry Houser is a national treasure.

And no matter what you believe, be thankful for us!

Except you, Tristen.

Thank you to everyone who has followed this wild year of Illinois athletics with us so far, and we’re super thankful for y’all, too! Have a terrific Thanksgiving — just try not to talk about the Illini with anyone at the table!