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Top Takeaways from Ohio State

One More Week, Hang in There

Illinois v Ohio State Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

1. There isn't much more to learn this year. I hate to put a crappy bow on the 2017 football season, but there are just too many injuries across the board, and the team itself is too far away from operating with a full deck to squeeze any more juice out of this one. What should we take from a non-competitive affair in Columbus that we didn't already know? If you have that answer, let me know.

2. Even though we didn't learn anything new this past weekend, we still had a few awesome moments mixed into the embarrassing beatdown.

  • Dre Brown came to Illinois as a heralded 4-star running back recruit, and has since battled debilitating knee injuries. A person of Brown's talent and character having to battle just to get on the field is a stark reminder that life isn't fair, even for those athletes that become larger than life stars on the college stage. But, for those that are resilient, much is rewarded. Brown earned the lionshare of carries on Saturday afternoon, gaining 76 yards on the ground and busting a 30 yard run that will live long past the sting of this loss could last.
  • Ahmari Hayes returned a Stanley Green created fumble 54 yards for a touchdown. Injuries to others created the opportunity for the hard working California JUCO cornerback, and while the depth of the squad is responsible for so many tough games, a kid like Hayes hard work provides moments. While many had already turned off the game, Hayes capitalized on his chance to create a youtube clip he'll one day bequeath his kids.
  • Cam Miller, walk-on quarterback, so very near to my heart, got in the game as the 4th string signal-caller and ran for a touchdown on his first snap at Ohio Stadium. For the rest of Miller's life when he turns on primetime ABC and sees the sea of Scarlet and Grey, he'll remember that time he alluded their defense and scored. Beat that.