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Old Memorial Stadium renovation concepts feature massive changes to South Endzone

Will we see something similar for the updated project?

Prior to being fired, former Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas had begun initial planning for additional renovations to Memorial Stadium. However while the project was being discussed openly, we really hadn’t seen any sort of rough designs. But that changed on Wednesday morning!

Illini Board’s Robert reported that the athletic department has sent out service requests to design firms to render the new South Endzone/Horseshoe facilities. Accompanied with those tweets were the following graphics, which are likely from 2013 (as evidenced by the old brand marks).

Again, these are far from official. Design firms will submit their own documents before a final decision is made by Illinois. Still, these images give us an idea as to what Josh Whitman may be planning for the stadium. Recruits are being promised a new nine-figure facility by 2019, so it may not be long until an announcement is made.