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Illinois Football drops to No. 64 in S&P+ rankings following loss to North Carolina

Sadly, we can no longer joke about an undefeated Illinois.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

The Associated Press released their updated college football rankings on Sunday afternoon, and unfortunately, there isn’t much to report from Illinois’ perspective. The Orange and Blue had a chance at sneaking into the ‘others receiving votes’ category, but their 48-23 loss to North Carolina essentially thwarted those hopes for the time being.

The Fighting Illini also fell quite a bit in the new S&P+ rankings. The program dropped 6 spots to No. 64 overall, which is just ahead of Washington State (0-2). While advanced metrics only gave Illinois a 37% chance of victory against the Tar Heels, it seems their actual performance warranted a steeper decline.

Elsewhere, the Big Ten Conference still has five ranked teams, including No. 3 Ohio State and No. 4 Michigan. Nebraska was the only other team to receive votes, though.

Week 3 College Football Rankings

AP (prev, if diff) Coaches (prev, if diff) S&P+ Massey
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Florida State (3) Florida State (3) LSU Ohio State
3 Ohio State (2) Clemson (2) Clemson Clemson
4 Michigan (5) Ohio State Michigan Florida State
5 Clemson (2) Michigan (6) Oklahoma Michigan
6 Houston Stanford (5) Florida State Stanford
7 Stanford Houston Ohio State Houston
8 Washington Michigan State Ole Miss Tennessee
9 Wisconsin (10) Washington (11) Washington Oklahoma
10 Louisville (13) Louisville (15) Tennessee Wisconsin
11 Texas Iowa (10) Oregon Washington
12 Michigan State Wisconsin (16) USC Louisville
13 Iowa (16) Georgia (9) Stanford Michigan State (T-13)
14 Oklahoma Oklahoma (13) Baylor LSU (T-13)
15 Tennessee (17) Tennessee (14) Louisville Georgia
16 Georgia (9) Texas (20) Florida Iowa
17 Texas A&M (20) Ole Miss (18) Georgia Baylor
18 Notre Dame Notre Dame (21) Notre Dame Ole Miss
19 Ole Miss Baylor UCLA Arkansas
20 LSU (21) Texas A&M (24) Mississippi State Texas A&M
21 Baylor (23) Oregon (23) Oklahoma State Notre Dame
22 Oregon (24) LSU (22) Texas A&M Oregon
23 Florida (NR) Florida (25) Arkansas TCU
24 Arkansas (NR) Arkansas (32) Auburn North Carolina
25 Miami Miami (26) Michigan State Utah