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Malcolm Hill, Jalen Coleman have experienced drastic physical improvements this offeason

Good morning! Welcome to the Orange Minute for Friday, August 5.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember when Illinois strength and conditioning coach Adam Fletcher tweeted out basketball updates a few weeks ago? Just based on a few short video clips of players dunking, it was obvious that most of the roster had undergone some pretty drastic transformations.

Well now we've got actual testing results and, man, the physical improvements are staggering. Over the last 10 months, four members of the Fighting Illini have improved their vertical leaps by 4.5 inches or more. Moreover, everyone except Tracy Abrams improved their bench press by at least 40 pounds.

But forget the actual numbers. Just look at the players. Malcolm Hill, D.J. Williams, Jalen Coleman-Lands, and Aaron Jordan don't even look like themselves anymore! Congratulations on an outstanding job, Coach Fletcher.

Warning: the pictures may be just a bit NSFW.

Jaylon Tate

Jalen Coleman-Lands

Michael Finke

Malcolm Hill

Leron Black

Tracy Abrams

Maverick Morgan

Kipper Nichols

D.J. Williams

Aaron Jordan

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