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Former Illinois coach Bill Cubit is still looking for work at the college level

Good morning! Welcome to the Orange Minute for Monday, August 29.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

One year ago yesterday, Bill Cubit was named the interim head coach of Illinois football. The former offensive coordinator lasted 12 games in that role before being fired in early March. While a lot has changed in Champaign since then, Cubit’s desire to coach at the collegiate level has evidently remained the same.

"I just love coaching and dealing with the kids," Cubit said. "I want to get into a situation where you can trust people. That’s probably the biggest thing for me right now."

I realize Cubit may be holding out for a more favorable position (i.e. somewhere his son, Ryan, can join him), but I heard about a recent volunteer opening at North Carolina if he really wants to get back into coaching that badly.

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