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Four-star forward Carte’Are Gordon narrows college list, includes Illinois Basketball

The St. Louis native announced his top 11 schools.

Photo via USA Basketball

Four-star power forward Carte’Are Gordon (MO) narrowed his college list to 11 schools on Thursday night, and he included Fighting Illini basketball. Kansas, Kentucky, Texas, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Southern Cal, Missouri, St. Louis, St. John’s, and SMU also managed to make the initial cut.

Gordon was a member of USA Basketball’s U-17 World Championship squad, and he’s rated as the No. 63 overall prospect in the nation.

I would like to thank all the schools and coaches that have recruited me thus far. But after long consideration, I have decided to cut my list to 11.

~ Carte’Are Gordon

While it’s inherently ridiculous to announce a ‘narrowed’ list that includes this many schools, it does give us an idea as to who Illinois’ competition will be next Spring/Summer. And I don’t really think there were any surprises here — just about all of Gordon’s big offers were included.

According to Rock M Nation’s Sam Snelling, though, word around the St. Louis area is that Gordon may be looking to stay closer to home; that’d favor Illinois, Missouri, SLU, and Kansas. But schools like Oklahoma State and Texas have proven difficult to beat in the past, too, so this recruitment is still shaping up to be another challenge for the Illini.

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