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Here’s what an actual Illinois Football scholarship looks like under Lovie Smith

The Fighting Illini issued their 2017 offers on Monday.

BREAKING: it’s August 1. While class-of-2017 prospects have been ‘promised’ scholarships months in advance, Monday marks the first day that these offers become official. Every single college team in the country sends some sort of notification to their prospects, and they seemingly get more creative every single year.

So what exactly does an Illinois scholarship offer look like under Lovie Smith? Luckily, several of the program’s targets have posted pictures on social media. As you’ll see below with three-star linebacker DeCalon Brooks, each player receives a letter along with a pretty slick graphic.


At the University of Illinois I believe in developing the entire student-athlete. If you choose to join our family, you will receive a degree that is second to none and we will instill discipline and responsibility. This will translate into your performance on the field. From my time with the Chicago Bears, I had an opportunity to look at our program from afar and believe that our football program has great potential. The Big Ten produces teams every year that are in the conversation for championships. We are not there yet but with your commitment we will be! It is an honor and privilege to be the Head Coach at the University of Illinois and I am pleased to offer you a full athletic-aide scholarship.

This full scholarship offer includes: tuition, fees, room, board, and books; this is the maximum aide permitted by NCAA rules. This scholarship is subject to your meeting: (1) All NCAA eligibility requirements, (2) All the admissions requirements for the University of Illinois, and (3) Availability of scholarships remaining at your position.

The University of Illinois is the flagship institution in the state of Illinois and one of the top colleges in the nation and world. It is also a school with a football program that has a storied tradition of championships, elite players, and toughness. We will need young men like yourself to take this great opportunity and be ready right away to contribute. To build and showcase the Illinois brand and compete for championships every year. Under the guidance of myself and our excellent staff, WE WILL WIN!

Please feel free to call me once you receive this letter and GO ILLINI!



Very cool. Also, if you print one of these letters off and substitute your name in, I'm pretty sure Illinois is obligated to accept your commitment. Happy photoshopping!