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LOOK: Purchase a custom Xbox One controller to reflect your favorite Big Ten Football team

Illinois? Ohio State? Michigan? There's a controller for everyone!

Are you a proud Xbox One owner? Are you an avid Big Ten football fan? WELL, BOY, DO I HAVE A GREAT SURPRISE FOR YOU. The 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) recently concluded in Los Angeles, and Microsoft announced new, customizable controllers for their console.

I obviously created an Illinois design as fast as possible, but that got me thinking -- what would this look like for every team in the conference? Here are the results!

Big Ten-Themed Xbox One Controllers

I hope you enjoy these! I'm particularly pleased with how the Illinois, Iowa, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin versions turned out. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

I sincerely apologize to all of the disappointed Minnesota and Purdue fans that may be viewing this. I tried every possible combination to make the controllers look better, but the colors were extremely limiting. If you’re not happy with those options, you’re obviously welcome to craft something else right here.

For those interested in purchasing any of the above designs, just go ahead and click one of the below links; they'll take you right to to finalize things. These controllers are obviously a bit pricey, but keep in mind that these updated models were designed to accompany the new Xbox One S that comes out in August.

Illinois Fighting Illini Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Indiana Hoosiers Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Iowa Hawkeyes Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Maryland Terrapins Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Michigan Wolverines Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Michigan State Spartans Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Minnesota Golden Gophers Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Nebraska Cornhuskers Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Northwestern Wildcats Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Ohio State Buckeyes Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Penn State Nittany Lions Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Purdue Boilermakers Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Rutgers Scarlet Knights Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Wisconsin Badgers Xbox One Controller ($79.99)
Big Ten Conference Xbox One Controller ($79.99)

Note: You can also laser your name, Gamertag, or any other 16-character slogan into the controller for an extra $10.00; it gets engraved below the D-pad and right thumb stick.