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Jaylon Tate reinstated to Illinois basketball, Kendrick Nunn's situation still being reviewed

Josh Whitman released a statement on Friday afternoon.

Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday afternoon, Illinois athletic director Josh Whitman issued a press release to announce the reinstatement of Jaylon Tate to the basketball program. The junior point guard was arrested for domestic battery back on March 12, but the court case was dropped by the State's Attorney office on Thursday.

Whitman also provided a brief update on Kendrick Nunn. The university's evaluation of the junior guard is ongoing, and they'll have no further comment at this time. Nunn plead guilty to a single count of battery on Wednesday; he received 18 months of court supervision and 100 hours of community service as part of the plea arrangement.

Statement from Josh Whitman

"Jaylon Tate has been fully reinstated to the men's basketball program, effective immediately. Yesterday, the State's Attorney's office concluded it could not prove its case against Jaylon. Based on the information we have reviewed, we are confident that Jaylon is indeed innocent.

Jaylon has shown exceptional character during this unfortunate situation, and in light of yesterday's decision and our own conclusions, we have welcomed Jaylon back to the program. We encourage our community and fans to do the same.

We have more than 500 student-athletes in the Fighting Illini Family. Some of them were involved in this case in various capacities, and it is important to remember that at all times, but especially during difficult times such as this, we encourage them to be empowered and informed. We support each of them individually and remain committed to fostering an environment that allows each student every opportunity to have a successful experience."

Kendrick Nunn's court case was also resolved this week. We are continuing to consider Kendrick's situation and will have no further comment at this time."