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Kendrick Nunn pleads guilty to single count of misdemeanor battery

Nunn will avoid conviction if he meets the terms of an agreement.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday morning, Illinois guard Kendrick Nunn plead guilty to a single count of misdemeanor battery. Two counts of domestic battery were dismissed as part of the plea agreement. The junior will receive 18 months of court supervision and 100 hours of community service. He'll also be required to enroll in a partner abuse intervention program and write a letter of apology to the victim.

Nunn was arrested and charged back in March for hitting a women in the head, and he was indefinitely suspended from the team shorty thereafter. His long term status at Illinois is still unclear, but past comments from Josh Whitman make a return to the team seem somewhat unlikely.

So we'll see. According to Nunn's lawyer, though, the university's discipline process is still ongoing.

"As far as I understand, it's not complete and no decision has been made as to whether there would be any punishment (from the UI)."

The Fighting Illini have been plagued with off-court issues in recent months. Sophomore forward Leron Black recently plead guilty to misdemeanor aggravated assault and was suspended 6 games as a result. Junior guard Jaylon Tate is also awaiting trial for his own charge of domestic battery.