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Lovie Smith discusses Illinois Football’s 28-0 loss to Iowa Hawkeyes

Here’s the postgame press conference from Saturday afternoon.

Lovie Smith’s Opening statement:

“Looking at today's game, of course, you have to give Iowa credit. They played well and did what they had to do under weather circumstances. They played a smart physical football game. Looking at our team, we did not. We didn't play as well as we needed to. We needed to establish the run on the offensive side, try to keep the ball as much as we could. A lot of those things you need to do to win and we didn't. As far as reasons why, injuries plagued us a little bit. At the end you have to get first downs and convert on third downs. So, again, the better team won today.”

On weather:

“Weather was a factor but it's not like it happened right before the game. We knew it would be a factor early on. It would have really been a factor if it was a passing game but it wasn't that type of game. You just need to be able to put a couple of first downs together when you know things like weather come in to play.”

On injuries:

“It was a factor. (Chunky) Clements, Carroll Phillips. But defensively I thought we were hanging in there even with those guys gone. They got to put some more points on the board but I thought the defense was still hanging in there even with those guys gone. Chunky went down the first series so we played most of the game without him.”

On Wes Lunt:

“I mean, Wes is our quarterback, but we didn't score any points. We dropped some balls were we actually got it to a receiver so it just wasn't a good day. Just looking at the offense as a whole; couldn't get the running game going, didn't do much in the passing game so, pretty easy.”