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Illinois vs. Iowa 2016: Live Updates, Analysis, Highlights, and Discussion

Follow along with our live blog during today's game!

Welcome to the TCR GameThread! The Fighting Illini take on the Iowa Hawkeyes this afternoon, and Steve Bourbon (@steve_bourbon) will be covering the action for us. Make sure to refresh this page throughout the game for updates and analysis on the Orange and Blue.

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We'll have a recap up shortly after the game concludes; all post-game discussion should take place there. Go Illini!

15:00 1st Quarter: Illinois will receive the ball to start Senior Day.

12:45 1st Quarter: Illinois is driving into 20-25 mph winds, so it will be difficult to pass or kick when going this way. Kendrick Foster was able to pick up 16 yards on the first play from scrimmage, but then three short passes can't turn into a first down. Illinois punts.

10:48 1st Quarter: Iowa responds in turn with a three and out of its own. Nice play by the Illinois defense to stuff a run on third and short. Illinois takes over at its own 34-yard line.

8:03 1st Quarter: Another punt into the wind, and Iowa will have the ball at its own 15-yard line.

6:14 1st Quarter: Iowa forced to punt again, highlighted by a spectacular tackle by Hardy Nickerson on a reverse. Solid return from Darius Mosely on the punt and Illinois is set up at midfield.


3:35 1st Quarter: Illinois has been able to move the ball in short spurts, but Lunt is sacked on third and five at the Iowa 35-yard line to force a punt. Frain has been booting low line drives to avoid the wind, and Iowa is back at its own 17-yard line.


1:06 1st Quarter: Iowa gets its passing game in gear with a few long completions, but Illinois stands tall and eventually forces another punt. This is not a game to watch if you like offense.

0:18 1st Quarter: Interesting playcalling as Illinois opts for three consecutive passes and is forced to punt into the wind. The result? Iowa will have the ball at the 45-yard line after a 29-yard punt.


END OF 1ST QUARTER: Illinois 0, Iowa 0


12:14 2nd Quarter: Dillon Cazley nabs an interception off a deflection for Illinois, although the Illini can't do anything with it and are forced to punt. Feels like the first team to score will win this game.

7:49 2nd Quarter: Iowa converts a 4th and 2 inside the Illinois 25-yard line but Tre Watson forces a fumble and the Illini recover! This has been a vintage Lovie Smith performance, as the Illini are winning the turnover battle and have been winning the field position game as well. Now it's just time for points.


4:33 2nd Quarter: Illinois is forced to punt and Iowa returns it for a 55-yard touchdown. Huge for the Hawkeyes to get on the board first because neither team has been able to put points on the board.

Iowa 7, Illinois 0


1:47 2nd Quarter: Lunt found Grant multiple times on the drive but the wideout dropped an easy one on third down that forces Illinois to punt. Frain is able to pin the Hawkeyes back at their own 2-yard line with a nice punt -- Illinois can get the ball back before halftime if they use their timeouts.

1:11 2nd Quarter: Illinois gets the ball at midfield. Need points here.

HALF: Iowa 7, Illinois 0


14:03 3rd Quarter: Illinois gets the ball to start the second half and promptly punts after just three plays. The Illini have just 110 yards for the day.

7:51 3rd Quarter: Iowa ruthlessly drives down the field and punches it in for a touchdown just three plays after a video review overturned a score. Facing a 14-point deficit seems insurmountable with the way that the Illinois offense has played today.

Iowa 14, Illinois 0


5:40 3rd Quarter: A Wes Lunt special: completing a 5-yard pass on third and 8. Illinois punts.


3:05 3rd Quarter: First drive of the game for Illinois that doesn't end in a punt! Unfortunately, it's because Desmond King picks off Lunt on a woefully underthrown deep ball.

END of 3rd Quarter: Iowa 14, Illinois 0


12:55 4th Quarter: Illinois' defense earns another stop by stifling an Iowa drive on fourth down in the Illinois red zone. If the Illini can just score once to put the pressure on....

7:17 4th Quarter: This game is pretty much over. Illinois turns the ball over on downs and Iowa's Daniels rips off a 50-yard touchdown run.

Iowa 21, Illinois 0


1:45 4th Quarter: Illinois turns the ball over on downs and that'll do it. Iowa can run out the clock.