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WATCH: Lovie Smith discusses Illinois Football’s 48-3 loss to No. 7 Wisconsin

Here’s the postgame press conference from Saturday afternoon.

This game went very similarly to past matchups between Illinois and Wisconsin. The Badgers pounded the ball on the ground and the Illinois (3-7, 2-5 Big Ten) offense couldn’t sustain any drives in a 48-3 victory for Wisconsin (8-2, 5-2).

Jeff George Jr. made his fourth consecutive start and promptly threw four interceptions in the first half while trying to push the ball down the field. He was just 5-of-16 passing for 79 yards and the only player with multiple catches in the first half was Wisconsin safety Leo Musso, who had a pair of picks.

He was then benched for Wes Lunt (remember that guy?) who appeared in his first action since Oct. 8 against Purdue. Lunt didn’t appear to be injured, although he was extremely rusty and Illinois couldn’t get first downs against many of the Badgers’ backups.

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