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Lovie Smith discusses Wes Lunt, previews Rutgers during weekly press conference

Here are some quotes from Monday’s press conference.

Lovie Smith’s Opening statement

"1-4 isn't good enough, let's just start off with that. We've had a couple winnable games, the last couple, where we have played better but we haven't been able to finish it off. Whether it's sixty minutes or sixty plus, we need to take another step with that. We have individual players getting better. Chayce Crouch came in and gave us a boost. I thought, you know, outstanding football. I understand how he finished, of course you can't get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, you've got to hold on to the ball in overtime but his overall play, running the ball, breaking tackles, passing the football; I thought was outstanding. Our running back, our tailback position, has been played very well in the last couple weeks. Of course, with Kendrick Foster, Reggie Corbin and Ke'shawn Vaughn getting some reps too last week. Other positions didn't play as well, offensive line didn't play as well as we needed them to, it's simple as that. Defensively, we've given up too many points. Two big plays really hurt us, the screen and the long run, we have to eliminate those. There were other plays that we're not proud of but those big plays we have to eliminate. You know Chase (McLaughlin), as I told the football team, he's not perfect. None of us are. He's been outstanding all year. The game shouldn't come down to one play like that. We have some special team players stepping up also. Again, disappointed in the loss but we see signs that there are some things we have to correct; unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, celebrations; those are things that good football teams don't do. Anyway we know where we are, going on the road again this week. Last week, of course, was a critical game; this for sure is one. Hopefully we can get a win."

On the status of Wes Lunt

"You know, of course he's not practicing today (because the team is off); still evaluating. Didn't finish the game, we'll give you a little bit more information later on. When a player doesn't finish a game there's concern until we go back onto the practice field."

On the possibility of Chayce Crouch starting against Rutgers

"We're very confident in what we can do with Chayce running offense. We got a chance to see it in living color. As I said, I really like what he was able to do. If Wes can't go, of course, the backup plan is pretty good. Wes is our starter; Chayce is our backup right now. We feel really good about both of them. Wes was playing good football before he got hurt."