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Why did Ryan Cubit receive a 400% raise?

Or the Magnified Further Adventures in Ineptitude of the Illinois Athletic Department

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

This morning I came out of a three hour long carpal arthrodesis surgery and was given 10 minutes to eat lunch and relax before scrubbing back in for knee surgery on another dog. I pulled up Tweetdeck to see what all had been happening while I was standing still holding a dog's leg for the main surgeon and found Matt's tweet.

If you haven't already read Robert's article that Matt links to in that tweet, go read it. I'll be right here waiting when you're done screaming.

Done? No?

Okay, we really need to get to the article so I'm going to go ahead. You can keep screaming.

Ryan Cubit , architect of the 98th ranked offense in all of college football last season, just got a 400% raise.

400 fucking percent.

That is absurd. Especially when you consider that he apparently isn't actually in charge of the offense. No, that would still be Bill Cubit's job, once again despite having the offense literally get worse every year he's been in charge of it.

Rutgers, Eastern Michigan, and UMass all had better offenses than Illinois did in 2015. Purdue had a better offense than Illinois did in 2015. And the two men most responsible for those incredibly sad facts are guaranteed a combined $1.6MM this year from the University of Illinois for what can only be described as "reasons".

I'm not going to bring up Ryan Cubit's DUI because it isn't the main thing that bothers me here. What bothers me is the fact that Illinois has officially rewarded incompetence. The football team went 5-7 last year and the university responded by giving the coach responsible for that losing record a two-year extension. They then gave his son, who had the 9th worst Power 5 conference offense, a $300K+ raise.

I don't blame the Cubits for taking the money. If someone was going to hand me insane amounts of money I in no way earned I would take it without even blinking. It makes sense for both of them. Bill gets to cash in one last time before retiring and Ryan gets to add multiple years of being an OC at a Power 5 school to his resume when he starts hunting for a new job next winter.

No, I'm far more mad at the university itself. Illinois fired Mike Thomas 74 days ago. 74 days! Thanksgiving Break came and went. Finals happened. Winter Break ran its course. We're almost into February and there is no sign that a new AD is on the horizon. Instead we're left with Paul Kowalcyzk running the show. Handy reminder: Kowalcyzk managed to get fired from Colorado State in 2011 because his teams were under-performing. His seemingly never-ending reign as interim AD here has shown that he continues to be in way over his head.

The shit continues to stack up and Illinois' athletic department remains in dire need of an enema.