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Do you Love Illinois Basketball, Football & Recruiting? The Champaign Room is Hiring!

We're looking to add a Co-Manager to help run the website!

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Do you love the Illinois Fighting Illini? Do you enjoy sharing your opinions with others? Do you love writing and/or storytelling? Do you want to help build and run the best Illinois sports community on the internet, and really make it your own? If so, we'd like to talk to you.

The Champaign Room is looking to add a Co-Manager to assist Jim Vainisi (the dude writing this post!) in running the website. Continue reading for a more detailed breakdown of the position which includes potential duties, qualifications, and compensation.


The new Co-Manager will assist in maintaining the day-to-day operations of TCR; this will primarily include the brainstorming, creation, and scheduling of content. Furthermore, the Co-Manager will be tasked with editing and critiquing the work of other contributors on a regular basis. This individual may also help maintain our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Most importantly, though, we're looking for someone who can bring new ideas to the table while conveying their passion for Illinois in an analytical and humorous manner.

Background & Qualifications:

This is an entry-level position in sports media. A journalism or English degree (or degree in progress) is definitely preferred but not required. Demonstrated knowledge of college basketball, football, and recruiting is a major plus, as the Co-Manager will contribute content related to all three areas on a regular basis. Flexible availability and advanced social media skills will also be needed to help analyze breaking news as it develops.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Passionate about the Illinois Fighting Illini.
  • Has strong knowledge about Illinois, both current and historical.
  • Possesses excellent writing skills.
  • Possesses strong social media skills.
  • Possesses solid communication skills.
  • Has a flexible schedule.
  • Can brainstorm and produce content with minimal direction.
  • Can identify and analyze news in a timely manner.
  • Is able to write and publish quickly while remaining accurate.
  • Is comfortable working in a virtual environment.
  • While not required, residing in the Champaign-Urbana area would be a plus.


Schedules will vary based on the athletic calendar, need, and availability. Ideally, you'll contribute at least 2-3 times a week on average. Those articles can be anything related to Fighting Illini athletics, but you'll occasionally be asked to help out with other pre-determined content (i.e. game previews & recaps).


This position will receive a monthly stipend. The size of that stipend will vary depending on experience, quality and commitment, but it bares mentioning that if money is your 100% biggest motivation, this probably isn't the best fit for you.

For students, If you would like to get academic credit for this arrangement, we will fill out all paperwork needed that you provide.

For those looking to create industry networking ties, the SB Nation community will provide our new Co-Manager with the ability to interact with individuals from nearly 100 properties on a daily basis. Some TCR writers have even turned their work on the site into professional employment opportunities (in some cases full-time). Tom Fornelli, for instance, created this blog in 2012 and is now one of CBSSports' lead college football writers.


Candidates should email resumes and writing samples (something about sports, please) to We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: We'll also be looking for a writer to cover Illinois football recruiting sometime in the very near future. So if you're interested in TCR and don't fit the above criteria, we'll have more information on that opportunity in the coming weeks.