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Illinois News: Illini cornerback V'Angelo Bentley is ready for Friday night lights

Bentley voices his anticipation for the season opener against Kent State

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

"No matter the circumstances we've been dealt, we've been built for this adversity...pressure is no more than the shadow of great opportunity, and this is a great opportunity for our team."

-V'Angelo Bentley, Illinois Athletics

Senior cornerback and defensive leader V'Angelo Bentley spoke briefly Tuesday morning about the mindset of this Illinois team as they prepare to take on Kent State this Friday night. He responded with a couple great quotes, such as the one seen above.

"Kent State coming in Friday night? It's going to be electric in Memorial Stadium," Bentley said. "All our students are gonna be there, great fan base. This is Our State, this is Our Team. On Friday night, its go-time."

Yessir, V'Angelo. Let's get 'em.

Catch the interview here:

Also, check this Bentley hype clip released yesterday:

AT&T said Monday it will bring in a COW — short for cell tower on wheels — to boost network support to keep customers connected in the stadium.

- Debra Pressey, The News-Gazette

If you've ever been to an Illini football game, you'd know that cell phone service just becomes terrible as the stadium fills up. Luckily, AT&T has some plants to fix that this year. A company spokesperson told The News-Gazette that the provider will employ extra cell phone support in the area throughout the day.

"Our goal is to better reach all Fighting Illini fans, whether they attend school here in Champaign-Urbana or have graduated and are living abroad."

- Mike Waddell via Mark Tupper,

Can we be number one in at least one country? Due to the recent growth in attendance of Chinese international students at football games, broadcasts will now be available to stream in Mandarin via this season. Produced by two Chinese U of I students, the aim is to develop a strong fan base overseas and reach into a different demographic.

"We want to be the Big Ten team of Asia," said Brad Wurthman, director of athletics marketing and fan development. "This is a first step for us. We’re the first school in the country to do this."

'Ni Hao' to all our soon-to-be Chinese TCR followers!

Other #ILLINI News:

Illinois Volleyball won the 2015 Illini Classic this weekend

Coach Kevin Hambly led his team past Louisville, Creighton, and Miami (OH) to take the annual kick-off tourney. The Illini are ranked No. 6 in the nation and will be on the road for the remainder of September. The quest for a national championship is underway.


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