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Illinois News: Incoming freshman Trenard Davis dismissed from university for academic reasons

The former three-star recruit is no longer with the team.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

"He’s very upset about it, but it’s nothing he can’t get over," Lashonya Davis said. "We’re just trying to get to the bottom of it. The coaches have been very supportive. I’m at a loss for words, really."

- Lashonya Davis via Matt Daniels, The News-Gazette

Welp. Another incoming Illinois football player has become the latest victim of the University's academic policy. This time, Florida native Trenard Davis has been dismissed from the school nearly six months after he signed with the Illini in February; he had scholarship offers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, South Florida, and others. The former three-star recruit was expected to redshirt the upcoming season while making the transition to a full-time wide receiver.

This is actually the worst. Illinois SID Kent Brown stated that this wasn't an admissions issue so that spares you a hot #take on the admission department's horrible policy for prospective student-athletes. But there is some good news here because it appears Davis may consider re-enrolling at Illinois in the future.

"He’s to the point where he’s comfortable at Illinois...He’s just stressed out about it, but he’s willing to do whatever he needs to do to get back there. Right now, he’s dedicated to Illinois."

"The remaining investigation into Illinois athletics is the biggie. The one with the potential to derail the current head coach and his trying-to-be-relevant program."

- Bob Asmussen, The News-Gazette

With the Illinois women's basketball investigation nearly in the rearview mirror (yes, the administration still has to deal with the lawsuit), it's time for our focus to once again rest on the football program. We haven't heard much about the situation since Simon Cvijanovic's Twitter rant, but there's another ongoing investigation to determine whether or not the allegations are true.

There's no public timetable for the second decision so we can only hope that it happens before the 2015 season begins.

"The only judgment as to their claim that matters will be that of members of the community at a jury trial, and the former players’ confidence for vindication in that setting has been and remains steadfast."

- Terry Ekl via Scott Richey, The News-Gazette

Speaking of the women's basketball investigation! The plaintiffs in the case are still planning on pursuing legal action against Illinois. Terry Ekl, the attorney representing the seven former players, released a statement after the findings were made public on Monday. He basically called the third-party operation "biased" because the University was paying the law firm to conduct the audit.

Only time will tell if Illinois plans to actively defend themselves in court against these allegations (that's very expensive to do). One thing is for sure, though--Monday's findings appear to be strong evidence in their favor.


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