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Former Illinois coach Tim Beckman denies implications that led to his firing

Tim Beckman has issued a lengthy statement following his firing on Friday afternoon.

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Tim Beckman was fired as head football coach at the University of Illinois on Friday afternoon and, shockingly, he disagrees with the decision. In a statement he issued via email, the former Illinois head coach proclaimed he's innocent of the alleged wrongdoing while saying he'll "vigorously defend" his reputation and legal rights. So it certainly sounds like Illinois is about to have another lawsuit on their hands. Here's Beckman's complete statement:

Statement from Tim Beckman:

"I am shocked and extremely disappointed by the decision Mike Thomas and the University of Illinois made today regarding my employment as Head Coach of the football team. First and foremost, I firmly deny the implications in MIke's statements that I took any action that was not in the best interests of the health, safety, and well-being of my players. The health and well-being of our student athletes is of paramount importance to me, and any statement made to the contrary is utterly false. Additionally, in connection with scholarships for student-athletes, I have complied with the policies and regulations of both the University and the NCAA and I have fully supported the University's compliance office. Moreover, all of the actions that I took regarding the individual scholarships were in lockstep with the University's appointed personnel and the directions and approvals I received from University officials.

I fully cooperated with the University's investigation, having sat down for two lengthy interviews and turning over all documentation requested of me. The fact that the University did not even complete its investigation in this matter is evidence that this entire process was nothing more than a rush to judgement and confirms the University's abject bad faith. Furthermore, the University's actions today are in violation of the procedures mandated under my employment agreement. As such, I will vigorously defend both my reputation and my legal rights.

I'm very proud of my career at the University of Illinois. Off-field incidents involving my players have been essentially non-existent while academic performance and graduation rates have been extraordinary. The love and support I have received today from my players means everything to me."


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