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Illinois Football will travel over 4,500 miles during the 2015 season

Three 500+ mile road trips headline Illinois' 2015 travel schedule.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

College Football season is right around the corner! Illinois' quest for a second-straight bowl game will feature six games in Champaign, five games at opposing stadiums, and one neutral site contest in Chicago to close out the schedule. We know you've all been dying to know the estimated mileage total for the upcoming season, so we went ahead and calculated it for you.

2015 Illinois Football Game Sites:

Week 1: Illinois vs. Kent State - N/A

Week 2: Illinois vs. Western Illinois - N/A

Week 3: Illinois @ North Carolina - 723.3 miles (x2)

Week 4: Illinois vs. Middle Tennessee - N/A

Week 5: Illinois vs. Nebraska - N/A

Week 6: Illinois @ Iowa - 242.2 miles (x2)

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: Illinois vs. Wisconsin - N/A

Week 9: Illinois @ Penn State - 619.0 miles (x2)

Week 10: Illinois @ Purdue - 93.9 miles (x2)

Week 11: Illinois vs. Ohio State - N/A

Week 12: Illinois @ Minnesota - 512.0 miles (x2)

Week 13: Illinois vs. Northwestern - 134.0 miles (x2)

Total: 4648.8 miles

That's the equivalent of 177.41 marathons, or about 392,730,624 pennies lined up end-to-end.

The team's big road trips are obviously to Chapel Hill, Happy Valley, and Minneapolis, but those should each be somewhat winnable games (relatively speaking, of course). The toughest stretch of the year will be Weeks 9-13 when the Illini are on the road for four of their last five games.

All-in-all, Illinois' travel schedule could certainly be worse. Hopefully we'll see that mileage total increase after another appearance in a bowl game.


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