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Support The Navy Team In This Year's Lift For Life

The annual fundraising challenge returns!

How the hell is it already mid-June? It was March practically yesterday and now both the NHL and NBA seasons are over? Insanity.

But there are positives. Football season is now just over two full months away. The Simon Cvijanovic scandal has all but disappeared. And the greatest fundraising contest in Illini football fandom returns.

In case you can't remember as far back as one year ago (it's okay, my brain poops the bed sometimes too), Robert threw down his typing gauntlet (they help combat carpal tunnel, very handy for us blogger types) and challenged the Illini blogsphere to do something positive and use donations to show how much we all care. We accepted and helped the event raise more money than ever before.

So yeah, we're doing that again. This year we have the proud pleasure to support the Navy Team, featuring the man whose arm still makes me swoon. So if you're going to donate to this good cause (and you are, because you are not an inhumane monsterbeast), why not support the Navy Team and us by proxy? Do you hate America? Do you? Because I can think of no more patriotic action than supporting the Navy and the Illini while fighting cancer in one fell swoop.


Here are the details of the event:

Through this fundraising event, the Illinois Chapter is raising awareness and research funds in support of the rare disease Acoustic Neuroma in honor of former teammate and offensive lineman Andrew Carter who was diagnosed with this slow-growing tumor of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain in 2011. Because of his diagnosis and treatment, Carter was not able to continue playing football.

Do the right thing, Champaigniacs. As bonus incentive, the person who makes the largest donation to the Navy Team's efforts will receive a free Champaign Room t-shirt (even though you all already have dozens of them).