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National College Players Association requests independent investigation of Illinois Football

Could an independent investigation be coming for Illinois Athletics?

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

The National College Players Association (NCPA) has requested that the University of Illinois conduct an open, independent investigation into the allegations brought forth by former offensive lineman Simon Cvijanovic. Cvijanovic claims, among several other things, that head coach Tim Beckman and the coaching staff forced him to play through injury while failing to properly disclose full medical records.

NCPA president Ramogi Huma sent a letter to chancellor Phyllis Wise and he's requesting a response by Friday.

Athletic director Mike Thomas had previously stated during a media teleconference on Monday afternoon that a public report of their upcoming internal investigation wouldn't be made available.

Tim Beckman released a second statement on Tuesday in which he said that he's been, "overwhelmed by the support shown by the student-athletes and parents who are currently in the program."


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