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Marching Illini Sousaphones Put The Team on Their...Shoulders

Because our band is better than yours.


As an alum of the Marching Illini, I've seen my fair share of wild and crazy things.

From packing 6 trumpets in the bed of a pickup truck and driving around campus playing school songs, to loading bags of sand into a house for a beach party, the band has done many things that make you stop and wonder, "What are they thinking?"

But today, things are different.  The question everyone is asking is, "How can I help?"

The Sousaphone Section of the Marching Illini is running in today's Illinois 5k race, while carrying their horns on their shoulders.  They have been using book-filled backpacks and weights to try and emulate the 35lb instrument they will be hauling around, and it's all in the name of charity.

Every dollar that these guys and gals earn will be donated to Notes 4 Cancer, which helps support cancer patients and their families with music-based events.  If you have any questions, read about them here.

Normally, I'm not one to plead for charitable donations for the sake of "good will" (and I'm honestly not the biggest fan of GoFundMe).  But if there was ever an event to support, it's this.

If you would like to send the Sousas a few dollars, visit their GoFundMe page and donate. Feel free to add "TCR" in the donation to show how awesome WE as a community are (not mandatory...just a thought).

GREAT idea band, you have my support.  GO ILLINI!!!