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Joe Biden is visiting Champaign and we have questions

We have questions and Joe, hopefully, has answers.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, y'all. For those of you that don't know, Vice President Joe Biden is visiting Champaign today in order to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. He'll also be providing an update on the Administration's efforts to help combat instances of sexual assault, including on college and university campuses.

Well we have some questions that need answering before the VP makes his speech.

1. Will Illinois get Marcus LoVett?

Holy hell, Joe, our basketball team has needed a point guard for awhile now and we just can't seem to get one. The good news is that a player named Marcus LoVett has fallen out of the sky and landed in our backyard*. Do you like our chances here?

*135 miles away

2. Is Barack Obama a Northwestern fan?

Do you know who POTUS' favorite collegiate program is? He's from Chicago so one would assume that he roots for Chicago's Big Ten team, but they've never been invited to his house.

3. Which school do you root for?


4. Is Joe Flacco Elite?

You attended the University of Delaware. Joe Flacco attended the University of Delaware. Is he elite? And if he is, what does that make you?

Twitter Followers:

  • Joe Flacco - 216,241
  • Joe Biden - 781,365

5. Will Tim Beckman survive the 2015 season?

A simple yes or no will suffice here.


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