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New Apparel: Champaign Room Logo T-Shirts

Happy Tax Day, everyone! Our gift to you is the first ever Champaign Room t-shirt.

Our main mission here at The Champaign Room is to provide you, the readers, with the Illinois Fighting Illini #content that you #crave. Today, we're thrilled to announce that we're taking this duty--this obligation--to a whole new level.

Our friends at Gameday Depot have helped us take the first step towards world domination making your dreams a reality. Now YOU can purchase your very own Champaign Room logo t-shirt in orange, blue, white, or gray! Yes, we know all four options are incredible so that's why we recommend you get all four of them.


Click here to buy Champaign Room apparel!


Men's Orange ($20.99):

Women's Orange ($20.99):

Men's Blue ($20.99):

Women's Blue ($20.99):

Men's White ($17.99):

Women's White ($17.99):

Men's Gray ($17.99):

Women's Gray ($17.99):


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