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Play Google Maps Pacman: Illini Edition

Google has turned some of your favorite spots on campus into Pacman levels!

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

Since the turn of the century, Google has been notorious for releasing "hoaxes" and "pranks" on April Fool's Day.   This year, the brilliant minds behind Google Maps have created a "Pacman" mode in their map search.  In order to access "Pacman Mode" from your computer, simply click in the lower left corner of a map.  All of the roads and sidewalks will be transformed into tracks, and Pacman will appear along with his ghostly counterparts.

In the spirit of this wonderful addition to Google Maps, TCR has listed 5 popular places on the campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  Click on the links, and select the Pacman mode to start playing!

***UPDATE 3/31/2017***

Google has brought back their Pacman mode to google maps for April Fools Day! Only this time, you play as Mrs. Pacman. Click on the level we we have provided below, and play Pacman on the campus of the University of Illinois.

Very Easy: Urbana

The stomping grounds of students in apartments, and the quieter side of campus living.  A great way to get into Google Maps Pacman!

Easy: Green St.

Green street is our first stop in our Pacman tour of campus.  Ironically enough, we found a little bit of trouble right around Murphy's...

Medium: State Farm Center

Don't be intimidated by the parking lots, straight lines and only one major loop makes this a good test before the toughest two locations.

Hard: The Quad and Foellinger Auditorium

Thankfully, Google Maps doesn't have the ability to add the quad squirrels as additional enemies.  Otherwise, this would EASILY be the toughest course.

Very Hard: Engineering Quad

Go figure...the Engineering Quad is the hardest course on campus.  BIG surprise there...