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Sunday TCR Links: 3/7/15

Daily links and reading material from The Champaign Room.


Recap: Purdue 63, Illinois 58 | Hammer and Rails
If you're interested, here's a recap of Saturday's game from our friends over at Hammer and Rails

State Farm Center Renovation Photos |
The next phase of the SFC renovations is already underway; check out what they've done since Wednesday night's season finale.


Cliff Alexander under NCAA investigation | SBNation
The freshman power forward may not play again for Kansas this season.

The 2015 conference championship cheat sheet | SBNation
Here's your guide to the madness before March Madness.

The 5 wildest details from the NCAA's investigation of Syracuse | SBNation
The NCAA dropped a firebomb on the Syracuse's athletic department on Friday with the conclusion of an investigation into academic and monetary impropriety around the football and basketball program that took over eight years to conduct.


A NASA probe is orbiting a dwarf planet for the first time ever | The Verge
NASA's Dawn probe has become the first ever spacecraft to orbit a dwarf planet. The space agency confirmed that the probe was around 38,000 miles from Ceres when it was captured by the dwarf.

20 percent of Mars' surface was likely water 4.5 billion years ago | The Verge
Mars once had enough water to cover its entire surface, a study published today in Science suggests. Around 4.5 billion years ago, Mars was host to a body of water that was larger than the Arctic.


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