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The Champaign Links: 2/16/15

Daily links and reading material from The Champaign Room.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports


Big 10 Tournament Bracket Generator
You can use this link to generate possible Big Ten Tournament brackets. It's pretty cool.

Bracketology: A first look at who's locked in - SBNation
With Selection Sunday a month away, a shockingly small number of teams look to be safe bets for the field of 68. An exciting season for fans might turn into a headache for the Selection Committee.

NCAA is considering making freshmen ineligible in college basketball - SBNation
In 1972, the NCAA finally reversed course on a rule that made freshmen ineligible to compete in football and men's basketball. If a few commissioners of Power 5 conferences get their way, the era of freshmen ineligibility will soon return to address the perceived "one-and-done" problem across college hoops.

2015 NFL mock draft: Blockbuster trade edition - SBNation
The latest mock draft from SB Nation. We see franchise-altering trades in the draft almost every year. This year could be no different, especially if a team wants to move up to draft a quarterback.


The Hubble telescope found a smiley face in space - Vox
The science behind the incredible picture taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. These aren't stars — they're galaxies.

Scientists think there could be life on Jupiter's moon Europa - Vox
The best place in the solar system to find extraterrestrial life isn't Mars.


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