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2015 Football Season Tickets offer new options

And better deals to (hopefully) fill the stadium

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Today, the University of Illinois and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics announced the newest ticketing options for the 2015 Football season.  While game-specific offers are yet to be announced, the athletic department has lowered ticket prices overall.

Last season, students sitting in Block I were able to buy season tickets for $99 (which equaled about $14.14 per game).  This season, Block I season tickets have been lowered to $77 (which comes out to $12.83 per game).  Other season ticket options start as low as $77 and run as high as $290 for prime seating.  The only numbers we could find from last season were Sideline season tickets priced at $230.  This year, the price for sideline season tickets will be $215 and will offer ticket holders the chance to get first access to the Soldier Field game in November.

The newest edition to the ticket plan, is the Orange and Blue mini plan.  This option gives fans an opportunity to experience one non-conference game, and one BigTen conference game for as low as $60.  With a home conference schedule that welcomes the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Wisconsin Badgers, this plan is a nice value for people that don't want to purchase season tickets.  Pricing for the Orange and Blue plan is dictated by the newest seating chart for Memorial Stadium.

If you're a value shopper, and would like to take advantage of the biggest change to ticket pricing...check out the newest offer for single game tickets.  Non-conference games cost as low as $10 for students, and $18 for the general public.  While we couldn't find the price for single game student tickets from last season, the newest general public seats are priced $21 less than last year.

Hopefully, these new prices and packages help entice more fans to experience and growing and improving Illini Football team.  The goal from a business standpoint should be to help put butts-in-seats from day one, and help generate the positive hype and excitement Coach Beckman has talked about.

For more information on tickets for the 2015 football season, click here.

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