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John Groce dabs after Illinois Basketball claims Braggin' Rights over Missouri

A social media recap of Illinois' third straight Braggin' Rights win.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Despite going on a nine-minute scoring drought that their lead cut from 20 to 5, Illinois held off Missouri to capture their third straight Braggin' Rights trophy. Malcolm Hill, Kendrick Nunn put the game on ice down the stretch, and the Illini pulled away with the win. Here's a tweet recap of how it went down, including the celebration that ensued afterwards:

Kendrick Nunn set the tone early with two monster jams, and a huge block on defense. He was on #SCTop10 twice last night (No. 10, No. 3 plays). Illinois would take a 41-27 lead into the half.

Then after a nine minute scoring drought Malcolm Hill brought the Illini back.

Mizzou would get it all the way down to three points before Illinois pulled away late.

The Celebration

We quickly changed our Twitter logo:

The players took the trophy once again:

Everyone noted that the team is, finally, gaining at least little momentum:

Coach Groce dabbed:

And a gif look:

Let's get this viral, people

Illini_triller danced:

Malcolm Hill ordered all of you to get #GroceDab viral:

Mike LaTulip offered some postgame thoughts:

And one last look at the games Kendrick and Malcolm had:


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