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Illinois linebacker coach Coach Mike Ward leaves program

Illinois is now down two coaches since Bill Cubit was extended last week.

Will anyone actually be left with Cubit?
Will anyone actually be left with Cubit?
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In news that should surprise no one with the capability for thought, Illinois has lost yet another coach.

Ward had been the inside linebackers coach over the past four seasons. This leaves Tim Banks as the only coach left from Tim Beckman's first season. It has not yet been released where Ward is going, but if I had to bet it would be Iowa State.

Since the Era of Stability began last Saturday afternoon, Illinois has now had two coaches (Ward and ST/recruiting coach Alex Golesh), one running back (Kendrick Foster), and had one recruit decommit from next year's class (TE/OL Devon Robinson). None of these losses in and by themselves are crippling (though losing Golesh does hurt considerably), but if the main tent pole of your public campaign for keeping Bill Cubit is "stability", you've got an odd idea of what that word means.