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NCAA Football '14 Simulation: Illinois Fighting Illini @ Purdue Boilermakers

We used the popular EA Sports video game to simulate the results of Saturday's Illini game. Will this be the first of two wins the Illini need for bowl eligibility?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

With the help of some passionate college football fans in the world of the internet, TCR will be simulating every Illinois football game this season using EA Sports' NCAA Football '14. We've downloaded updated rosters and the team depth charts will be changed on a week-by-week basis to reflect what we'll see on the field. We'll also check the weather forecast to mirror the expected conditions at kickoff.

Last season, our simulations predicted the correct outcome 70% of the time.

This season, our simulation is (7-1).


Week 8: Illinois Fighting Illini (4-4) @ Purdue Boilermakers (2-6)

In a rivalry game that seems to give Illinois more pain than pleasure, the Purdue Boilermakers are looking to retain the Purdue Cannon for the 4th time in 5 years.  Will the Illini fight back and earn a much needed victory?

Let's see how both teams are rated:

Illinois Fighting Illini

  • Overall: 79
  • Offense: 83
  • Defense: 78
Purdue Boilermakers
  • Overall: 79
  • Offense: 77
  • Defense: 80


This had to be one of the most bizarre simulations we've ever had here in The Champaign Room.  Instead of trying to explain every drive and detail, we'll highlight a few key stats.

1) Purdue out gained the Illini by 283 yards.

2) Wes Lunt threw 4 touchdown passes, while David Blough threw for 590 yards and 2 touchdowns

3) Purdue's Markell Jones rushed for 3 scores

4) V'Angelo Bentley FINALLY ran back a kickoff for a touchdown

5) Purdue had possession for 14 minutes longer than Illinois (ALMOST one quarter of a game difference)

But the only stat that matters...

Final Score: Illinois 45, Purdue 39


Here is the scoring summary and team stats for the game: