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University of Illinois motions for dismissal of lawsuit against women's basketball program

Today in #ILLINI news

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"Plaintiffs have failed to plead any facts that plausibly establish race discrimination within the Women's Basketball Program — a threshold requirement under the law to sustain any of the claims alleged"

- University of Illinois attorneys in response to basketball lawsuit, Chicago Tribune

Yesterday, the University of Illinois motioned to dismiss the current pending case accusing women's basketball head coach Matt Bollant and his staff for racial discrimination. Filed back in July, seven former players allege mistreatment by the staff towards African-American players including segregated practices and harsher punishments for those athletes. While the defense claims the prosecution has yet to bring forth sufficient evidence for the case to continue, the prosecution believes otherwise.

"The test is whether there are sufficient allegations in the complaint to establish the various causes of action," said Terry Ekl, an attorney for the players. "I am confident that the complaint pleads sufficient facts."

The players have until November 6th to respond to the university's motion in court.

"I like the way they're enjoying football. I think when you enjoy football, you're a lot a better football player."

- Bill Cubit, Illinois Athletics

Coach Cubit say down to talk about Illinois Pride with yesterday. Among discussion topics included the team's performance this season, the addition of Grange Grove and what a school like the University of Illinois offers in terms of excellence on and off the field. Cubit was sure to highlight the fact that his players seemed to be enjoying themselves this season, an attitude not often expressed during the Tim Beckman era. This bodes well not only for the future of the program, but for the long term prospect of Cubit as head coach. The entire interview can be seen via the link above.


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