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Illinois News: Wide Receiver Mikey Dudek likely out for the season

Today in #ILLINI news

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

"I don’t think it’s going to happen, to be perfectly honest with you. I think Mikey is a little more defined at this point. I know the timeframe earlier was there, a projection he might get back a little earlier, but it’s a six-month injury."

- Bill Cubit on if Mikey Dudek will play this season, News-Gazette

Head coach Bill Cubit offered some clarity to the Fighting Illini injury report yesterday, specifically addressing the injury status of sophomore wide receiver Mikey Dudek. After tearing his ACL in April, many hoped Dudek would be able to make his return to the field in 2015, but given the fact that half the season is already gone, it now seems very unlikely he will play at all this season.

Dudek was the Illini's top receiver in 2014, catching 76 passes for 1038 yards and six touchdowns while being named to the Big Ten All-Freshmen team. Many have drawn comparisons between him and Wes Welker, given their stature and style of play. With a likely redshirt coming, he will still retain three years of eligibility, if he so chooses to use them.

On a sidenote, Cubit also deemed senior running back Josh Ferguson "very questionable" for this weekend's game against the Wisconsin Badgers. Jamal Milan and Marchie Murdock are also likely out as well.